WC Rx Formulary Becomes Reality in Montana

After a number of years of study in the State of Montana, legislation was passed in 2017 enabling the addition of a Workers' Compensation Drug Formulary. A Working Group was established by the Montana Department of Labor and Industry to study the situation, make recommendations for the optimal solution for the state's injured workers and their employers / insurers and after successfully completing the rule making process implementing the selected process. 

We were fortunate to have served on the Working Group since its formation and are pleased to announce that the Drug Formulary will become effective for all workers' compensation claims with a date of injury 4/1/2019 and after. Legacy claims (those with dates of injury prior to 4/1/2019) will be rolled into the program 4/1/2020, giving treating physicians, their patients and insurers a full year to transition into the new system. More information is available on the DOL&I / Employment Relations Division website for Formulary.

MT Workers' Compensation Drug Formulary Announcement 2019