Redefining Best Practices®

Best Practices are the lowest common denominator. With many years experience in the business of claims, we've observed many cycles. Business and process cycles that each time are the new 'fad', the 'new way to do business'. For two decades we've heard about 'best practices', particularly in the workers' compensation claims process. Every client self-insured and insurance company wants a full disclosure of the claims best practices observed, usually with their own 'improved' best practices to be intertwined with the local claims office's process. In reality, most best practices are very similar to others, each a different version of the lowest common denominator acceptable for processing claims.

What is Redefining Best Practices® ? It is a new way to look at the claims process. An efficient, effective claims process is evaluated through the lens of the Total Program Cost (loss costs plus all claim-related expenses). We remove the standard cost silo evaluation for the review and ask, "how will this increase or decrease the overall program cost?" For example, if there is a suggestion to begin implementing a new path for processing medical bills from receipt through audit to payment fulfillment, we look at the total program cost and all of the components that drive total cost. While there might be a perception of savings at the piece level, if the overall program cost will increase, we do not implement. In addition, Redefining Best Practices is making real the industry-wide claim of teamwork and partnership. The most effective programs are those where all stakeholders are coordinated, efficient and engaged. True Partnership.

Since the late 1940′s, Midland Claims Service, Inc. has provided quality claims services in the State of Montana. MCSi specializes in the state of Montana. Having served over 350 self-insured, public entity, risk retention group and insurance company clients over 50 years, Midland Claims has developed proven techniques for obtaining the facts and finding quick, efficient resolutions for all types of claims. Combined with our staff’s multiple decades of experience at the highest levels of the insurance industry, as well as years of consulting experience with self-funded organizations and government programs, our common sense approach to the process of investigating, evaluating and resolving claims sets our organization apart from others in Montana. Common sense: INVESTIGATION.COMMUNICATION.RESOLUTION.®

Midland Claims Service, Inc. is a full-line property, casualty and workers’ compensation adjusting and third party administration company. Services are tailored to fit the needs of each client organization. We produce a predictable, professional work product, while remaining ever vigilant of our client’s need for mitigation of claims expenses. This holistic approach to claims handling provides balance to a sometimes challenging, litigious system. The result, superior claim results. This led to MCSi/IIC receiving a regional award by the Billings Chamber of Commerce/CVB, the 2011 Roche Jaune Award for Customer Service Excellence. When nearly 400 companies and organizations, from health care to colleges to financial services to national call centers based in the area are potentially considered for the annual Roche Jaune awards, it is an honor and quite a distinction for a claims company to be given the Customer Service Excellence award.

 To increase the quality of work and reduce expenses, Midland Claims utilizes the most advanced computer systems available. Ranging from internally developed claim reports to all reaches of digital media, Midland Claims has the ability to correspond with its clients electronically (encrypted e-mail, web delivery or ftp), or by fax, overnight delivery or regular U.S. Postal Service delivery. The company is made up of specialties, each being centrally managed within a team environment. The concept of team is one of our guiding principles, both internally and with our business partner client companies.

Our experience has shown that no one company can provide everything for every client. We have two specialties: 1. P/C investigation and litigation/mediation service and 2. Workers’ Compensation claims administration for self-insured companies and organizations with exposure in Montana. We specialize in only one jurisdiction, Montana. By partnering with our self-insured clients, through timely, sophisticated reporting and on-going, daily communication, we are able to assist them in reducing their MT WC costs, significantly reduce their average cost per case and fully implement Stay At Work / Return To Work programs and advanced loss control efforts.


Redefining Best Practices®