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Industrial Injury Claims®

MCSi began operations in Billings in the mid-1940’s. The first written records we have in our possession indicate that in 1954 the company was actively operating as an independent adjusting company in Billings , becoming incorporated in 1956. The company was purchased by James A. Marsh in 1962, and was operated under his leadership until 1999. Michael J. Marsh, James’ son, purchased the company when he returned to Montana with his family in 1999. James Marsh remains as a member of the company’s Board of Directors. MCSi purchased Industrial Injury Claim Service in mid-2001, with Judith Hosford remaining with IIC and joining the MCSi team. Industrial Injury Claims® has served as the workers’ compensation subsidiary of Midland Claims for more than a decade. In June, 2016, the company celebrated its “official” 60th birthday. Judith retired from a long, successful workers' compensation claims career in 2019, shortly after receiving the Governor's Award for Outstanding Workers' Compensation Professional.

MCSi specializes in one state, Montana. Consulting services are provided on a national basis, including claim-oriented expert witness evaluation and testimony, file review, program review/audit/design, procedure creation / refinement and software, user interface database design and testing services.

To provide the highest quality of service and reduce expenses, Midland Claims utilizes advanced-stage, mature and proven computer hardware and software. The company provides internally developed activity and financial reports to its clients from its multi-Tb database, ensuring timely and accurate delivery of the nature and depth of information that Montana self-insured companies need for their budgeting and decision making.

Industrial Injury Claims®

Our primary focus since the mid-2000's has been self-funded workers' compensation programs. Montana is a challenging workers' compensation jurisdiction. There are stringent privacy laws, case law that pretty much invalidates all potential subrogation, case law which significantly limits a self-insured to participate in the workers' compensation claims process and, importantly, except for underwriting purposes self-insured organizations and their agents / brokers cannot even know what the total incurred loss or remaining reserves are on specific claims. We have addressed these issues by setting expectations and building upon those with verifiable results. Results begin by having the correct philosophy of how and why claims services are provided, and building the right team.

Philosophy. Importantly, we believe that the philosophy of a service organization that administers millions of dollars in benefits to injured workers is the most important place to start and must be communicated and emphasized consistently. MCSi’s philosophy in the claims industry includes consistency, honesty, integrity, professional conduct, continuing education and the highest regard for the needs of both its client companies and the injured workers. This same approach has been in place since the 1950’s, and has been a key factor in acknowledgement of the company nationally as one of the best independent claims adjusting and Third Party Claims Administration services available. The company doesn’t just follow best practices, we are

Redefining Best Practices®

Team. The concept of “team” is the company’s primary guiding principle. “Team” is applied holistically, across all facets of the operation, from the relationships that we enjoy with our partner WC client organizations all the way down to internal issues as trivial as “who’s going to empty the garbage today”. While many organizations advertise and talk about team-oriented concepts, the company has taken the implementation of “team” to a higher level. This has resulted in higher level efficiencies and magnitudes of improvement in ultimate claim outcomes over similar claims administration companies and insurance companies in the workers’ compensation field. Efficiencies and improvements are important; MCSi is responsible for self-insured incurred losses in excess of $135,000,000 in WC benefits for more than 34,900 injured workers’ claims through March 31, 2020.

In the professional service industry, no one company can provide everything for every client. The process of properly selecting clients that match with the company’s strong suits is critical. MCSi takes this concept very seriously, passing on several business opportunities in prior years where there did not appear to be a match between the clients’ wishes / needs and MCSi’s philosophy. This has led to a strong relationship between the company and its client organizations, eliminating distractions and allowing a focused approach to achieving success in our mission.

Humanizing The Workers' Compensation System

Philosophy plus Team Equals Results. Focused Approach. Our specialty is workers’ compensation claims administration for self-insured companies and organizations with exposure in Montana . For WC, we specialize in one jurisdiction, Montana . Few companies in the workers’ compensation industry have such a focused approach to the business. We focus our energies on engaging recovering workers, treating the 99% of legitimately injured workers with respect, dignity and open communications. Including our RFP responses, Humanizing The Workers' Compensation System has been our key differentiator as a claims administration company. By partnering with our self-insured clients geographically (many carve Montana out of their national claims administration agreements), with the accompanying expertise in the ever-changing statutes and case law which control the underlying claims process, in addition to provision of timely, sophisticated reporting and on-going, daily communication, we are able to assist our client organizations to implement nation-leading programs such as Stay At Work / Return To Work programs and advanced loss control efforts. This has led to a demonstrated, significant moderation of client workers’ compensation claims costs and in some cases, significantly reducing the amount of average paid claims. Many independent TPA companies “talk the talk”. MCSi has a proven track record through:


The company is a member of and associated with these fine organizations:

  • National Association of Independent Insurance Adjusters
  • Affiliated Adjusters, Inc.
  • Montana Adjusters Association
  • Claim Professionals Liability Insurance Company, RRG
  • Montana Self-Insurance Association
  • National Council of Self-Insurers
  • Claims and Litigation Management Alliance (“CLM”)

The company has been recognized by A.M. Best, the leading analyst organization of the insurance industry, as a member of Best’s Directory of Recommended Insurance Adjusters. We have continued as one of the Best’s Recommended members each year since the 1970′s.

  • Experience.
  • Common Sense.
  • Full Bi-Directional Communications. 
  • Results.

Leading the industry is not something others might expect from a small company in Montana. But that’s what we do for our client partners, lead the industry. Our process of Redefining Best Practices® led in 2011 to the company receiving the 2011 Roche Jaune award for Customer Service Excellence. This award is remarkable as it has never in the history of the award process been given to an insurance related entity, let alone an independent claims company. Through the spirit, caring, compassion and professionalism of our dedicated staff, others have recognized the contribution that properly handled claims brings to those involved as well as the community.

Ultimately, the success of the company is tied to the success of its client business partners. Lower combined net costs (loss and allocated loss adjustment expenses) for its clients and common sense, respectful treatment of the public during the claims process lead to higher policyholder and claimant satisfaction and decreased ultimate exposures for client companies.


Redefining Best Practices®

Client Type

Service(s) - Provided Only in Montana

Insurance Companies (located out of state)

Claims investigation and adjusting – Personal and Commercial Property, Liability (including general, professional, personal and excess), Personal and Commercial Auto

Self-Insured Organizations (operating in Montana)

Full workers’ compensation program and claims administration

Software and Claim-Oriented Companies

System architecture, User Interface (UI) design, workflow, implementation and conversion consulting services, data system design, implementation, management and consulting services

Legal Firms, Insurance & Self-Insured Organizations

Expert consultation and witness, claim processing design and roll out, mediation / arbitration representation, risk management & risk reduction services, alternate risk financing (insurance, self-insurance, captive, etc)