CSM Corporation dba Midland Claims Service, Inc. and Industrial Injury Claims®

What makes us different? One State. One Mission. Three Generations. Decades of Consistent Results.

Michael J, James A and Lauren K Marsh
MCSi's three generations: (from left) Michael J Marsh, James A Marsh and Lauren K Marsh

MCSi and IIC specialize in claims investigation and administration in one state, Montana. Consulting services are provided on a national basis, including claim-oriented expert witness evaluation and testimony, file review, program review/audit/design, procedure creation / refinement and software, user interface database design and testing services.

Industrial Injury Claims® and Workers' Compensation Claims


Provide world class workers' compensation claims services in the State of Montana with the highest level of local expertise, engagement and involvement.


Favorably impact the lives of recovering workers and the financial results of client partner organizations through "Humanizing the Workers' Compensation Process".


Truth and honesty in every interaction and transaction.

Professional conduct.

Inquisitive, insightful and thorough investigative processes.

Serve as the hub of communications on claims for all stakeholders to the maximum extent allowed.

Create a claims environment that encourages the team approach to resolution.

Engaged in the review of and creation of quid pro quo state laws and regulations.

Give back to the community.

Encourage and administer workers' compensation education and recruiting.

  • Redefining Best Practices®
  • Humanizing The Workers' Compensation System

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