Customer Feedback!

The claims industry can be challenging.  Needs and demands of stakeholders throughout the process can be so monumental that in certain circumstances the actual reason to have an adjuster, that being to lead and facilitate a claim from date of injury to resolution, can become cloudy.  From injured worker and their family to the employer to the payer to the physicians to the out of state brokers giving 'best practice' advice to clients to vendors and attorneys, adjusters sit in the center of the wheel with their eye on the required equity for all parties in the process while steering the matter towards an efficient, fair and complete conclusion.  As one can imagine, the process doesn't always put the adjuster in a positive light.  Sometimes bad news must be delivered.  And sometimes the messenger receives blame, validly in some instances and not in others.  It is a tough business, but one that everyone at Midland Claims Service, Inc. and Industrial Injury Claims® loves and takes very seriously.

To have a client / customer share their positive thoughts is usually unexpected, but rewarding when it takes place.  The following is republished here with permission.

We adore you and your staff as well. We are so lucky to have found a great group such as yourself to work with! Thank you and look forward to another grand year! Take care!

 Karen Frederick, CWCP
Workers' Compensation Claims Supervisor
Midwest Family Mutual

Thank you Karen for such a nice compliment.  It is our pleasure to serve Midwest Family and other insurance and self-insured organizations as we have since the late 1940's.  Doin' things "old school" and at the same time, Redefining Best Practices®.  Helping employers and injured workers navigate a difficult, confusing process.  That's what MCSi and IIC are all about.