Contentment and Satisfaction - Workers' Compensation Claims

Over the 60 + years that Midland Claims Service, Inc. has been in operation, there have been myriad changes in our country, people and culture.  As one can imagine, the types of claims made and the expectations of payers and injured individuals have changed significantly.  Cycle time expectations have been reduced from monthly reports by mail down to near instantaneous response by e-mail. Litigation and injuries brought into the system have become more complex. Courts have expanded payer responsibilities and injured individual's rights.

Despite these many changes, Midland Claims has continued to adjust and adapt.  In fact, it is in the area of change management that we are most proud.  One of our missions, our every day focus, is to look at the system and friction points and attempt to find better, faster and more complete ways of dealing with the issues.  In the case of workers' compensation, continual improvement is not a marketing slogan for is our way of life.

Greg Gianforte speaking at TEDxBozeman, Spring 2014 Greg Gianforte speaking at TEDxBozeman, Spring 2014

The TEDxBozeman presentation by Greg Gianforte in early 2014 summarizes the idea of finding contentment in the work / life balance.  Mr. Gianforte was the founder of RightNow Technologies, a cloud-based software company, in Bozeman Montana.  The company has been tremendously successful, a tech start up in rural Bozeman.  The four pillars of Mr. Gianforte's presentation were exciting for us to hear because they so closely align with what we have done in the past decade at Midland Claims.  Please watch the YouTube presentation by Mr. Gianforte.  If you are interested in personal and career satisfaction, we believe the points are right on.  If you are interested in what makes us at Midland Claims tick, you will get a direct insight into our thinking.

As we have said so many times about our role as a workers' compensation third party administrator: "What other job allows you to help legitimate injured/recovering workers get the best, fastest and most appropriate medical treatment, faster healing time and reduced or eliminated days away from work...helping people get better more completely and one of the most expensive and difficult jurisdictions in the U.S. (Montana)...and in the process help client payers significantly reduce their overall workers' compensation claims costs...and it's your job?"  Helping people through a complicated, unfriendly system every day and getting paid for it.  Amazing.

Those of us here at Midland Claims Service, Inc. and Industrial Injury Claims® that serve our workers' compensation payer clients and their injured/recovering workers have found a point in our lives like that described by Mr. Gianforte. Serving others and doing everything possible to reduce costs and the time in the system spent by payers, employers and (importantly) injured/recovering workers is what we do.