1985 Reference - Lesson: Hard Work and a Professional Attitude Have Consequences

MARCH 25, 2022

Midland Claims Service, Inc. started in Billings in 1946. In the early 1960's, James A Marsh and two partners purchased the company from the founder...and thus began a 50 year, 3 generation business in Montana.

In 1984, Midland's board of directors made the decision to begin the sales process of the company to a similarly sized independent adjusting company, Yellowstone Company Inc ("YCi") out of Idaho. MCSi's Montana and Washington offices were rolled into Yellowstone's operations.

Michael Marsh, at age 23 remained on with YCi after the transition, was tasked with 'fixing' the Great Falls office. That was quite a summer for him, covering an adjusting spot in Billings, dating his future ex-wife in Minneapolis AND serving as the Office Manager in Great Falls (a 230 mile one way commute). Mr. Marsh identified a number of areas for the office's potential and addressed those issues to management in Idaho Falls. Unfortunately for YCi, the issues addressed in Mr. Marsh's memo were not addressed and ultimately led to the bankruptcy of YCi. Midland Claims was then returned to James A Marsh and the company, extensively damaged by the questionable interim management by loss of nearly all of the company's clients, was returned to excellence through the hard work and many hours put in by James and Barbara Marsh.

Below is a memo recently located in the archives (held by James Marsh). Brought a smile to all our faces when we read this recently. It's ironic that the reference given to Michael from Ms. Dawson (from the Great Falls office) was not heeded by YCi management. When Michael returned from California, after serving in the C Suite for two different insurance companies, he ended up buying Midland Claims from James and Barbara (his parents) and has since 1999 served as its President and CEO.

"Hard work and a professional attitude pays dividends, if you have patience," said Michael Marsh. "What I've done in the independent claims adjusting side of the industry has been the result of consistently following some simple self-guided concepts. These include keeping it professional, working hard, not watching the clock, voluntarily doing lots of continuing education and maintaining a high level of empathy to those injured or damaged. I love this business. Where else can one work to help thousands of people, one person or family at a time, and get paid to do good deeds?"

Jo Dawson Memo To Idaho Falls Management 08/23/185