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Interactive Concussion Testing

Interactive testing for concussions.  A dream of ours for many years.  Having been involved in contact sports as well as motorcycle racing, we are well aware of the dangers and long-term impact of Traumatic Brain Injury (“TBI”).The possibility of testing … Continued

Holiday Season 2015 – Workers’ Compensation and More

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to each and every one of you, our client partner organizations and friends in the industry, those that have over the years shown the confidence in the fantastic staff of Midland Claims Service, Inc. and … Continued

Psychological Intervention in WC Claims

Below is a link to an interesting article that addresses, at a high level, perceptions and utilization of psych professionals in the workers’ compensation process.  The article is possibly a good STARTING point for the discussion of secondary psychological symptoms … Continued

How Did WC Get To Be Pay for Play?

Workers’ Compensation. A system in the United States created 100 years ago to address a critical issue in the country, workplace injuries and the emergency of major manufacturing, primarily in the metropolitan areas of the county. Until the workers’ compensation … Continued

Pay For Play

Pay for Play. External service providers provide “incentive payments” to workers’ compensation claims TPAs for the ability to receive their business. We have long known of this practice in the workers’ compensation claims TPA world. Flat rate claims service agreements … Continued

WC Insurance – Trouble On The Horizon

Joe Paduda drives the nail in this one.  And one has to wonder what the future may hold for the insurance organizations working in the Workers’ Compensation line.  We think there is much room in the niche areas, specific classes … Continued

Subrogation In Montana Makes News

The recent legislative session in Montana which ended in April 2015 has made the national publication of the National Association of Subrogation Professionals (“NASP”). SB 288, which arose after MCSi’s President Michael J. Marsh testified in front of the Economic … Continued

The Workers’ Compensation Environment

The article linked here, by well-respected Mark Walls of Safety National Casualty Corporation, is one of the best articles (at a high level) of what is good about and challenges faced by the state-based workers’ compensation system in the United … Continued