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Hannah Koch Becomes a Certified MT WC Claims Examiner

Hannah Koch has passed the Montana Department of Labor and Industry test and has been awarded her certification  as a Montana Certified Workers’ Compensation Examiner. Congratulations Hannah on achieving a 96% !

Stop Dryer Fires Before They Start

The following article was taken from AAA Mountain West.  Normally we don’t repost articles in whole, but the message was so simple and positive that we thought that it should be shared. Cudos to AAA Mountain West for providing personal … Continued

Cyber Liability – A New (and unknown) Exposure

At a recent conference, we learned a great deal about Cyber Liability and the costs associated with data leakage / breach / intrusion.  Just the response costs  can run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, or in the case … Continued

Investors Moving to Workers’ Compensation Space

More information about another merger / acquisition in the WC field.  More evidence that big investment dollars are flowing away from the health care industry and into the workers’ compensation industry.  Read about the most recent deal in an article … Continued

Federal Court of Appeals Rejects RICO Litigation

Federal Court of Appeals Rejects RICO LitigationFrom Larry Holt of the National Council of Self-InsurersSent: Wednesday, September 25, 2013 9:35 AMSubject: RICO Case DecidedMembers of National Council of Self-Insurers: I have happily received the following information from Jerry Marcinkoski, Executive Secretary … Continued

Medical Community – We Can Do Better

We have no relationship with the author of the following snippet about a book written by Dr. Otis Brawley, but experience has shown that there is a good deal of reality in his words.  Refreshing to hear someone from the … Continued

WC Fraud – Reality

There are many discussions, seminars and vendors nationwide that warn in a threatening way of the ‘devastating’ costs of workers’ compensation fraud.  To be sure, there are some egregious situations which lead to millions of dollars leaving the system to … Continued

FDA To Raise Labeling Standards for Prescription Pain Killers

FDA To Raise Labeling Standards for Prescription Pain Killers.  Additional labeling will be unlikely to stem the tide of large number of prescription medication overdose deaths, but additional information, even if it saves one person, is probably worth the cost … Continued