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Montana’s WC claims trends announced by NCCI

Unfortunately, Montana’s results to not appear to be as encouraging as the 2009 national trends announced by NCCI. Self-insured organizations in Montana (at least those that MCSi and IIC are fortunate to work with) seem to be doing far better … Continued

Carol Gleed joins MCSi

Carol Gleed, Helena, MT, joins Midland Claims Service, Inc and its workers’ compensation subsidiary Industrial Injury Claims, Billings, MT (“MCSi”). Ms. Gleed, the long-time Manager of the Claims Unit of the Employment Relations Division (of the Montana Department of Labor … Continued

Montana now highest cost state for WC premium

Montana becomes the highest cost state in the United States for workers’ compensation premium. Link to updated 2010 Oregon Workers’ Compensation Premium Study>>> 2010 Oregon Premium Study http://www4.cbs.state.or.us/ex/imd/reports/rpt/index.cfm?fuseaction=version_view&version_tk=184455&ProgID=FEARA012