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More Money Flows Into the WC TPA World – Sedgwick is Sold

According to Joe Paduda, KKR has acquired a majority state in Sedgwick for over $2 Billion.  His column indicates that the current management doubled the company’s value in a fairly short period of time.  We are confident that Paduda’s prediction of pressure upon Sedgwick management to increase top line and bottom line revenues will bear […]

Can we learn from the experience in Illinois? WCRI study released.

Similar experience in Illinois as we have seen in Montana, adjust the per visit / per encounter / per procedure reimbursement rates downward, and the utilization rate and number of procedures for similar claims seems to rise.  Illinois has enjoyed a significant medical cost decrease in their WC system due to their reforms, while Montana […]

What is Claims Man? …or claims professional in today’s lingo…

What is a claims person (today’s language for a claims man)? According to Edward G Robinson in the movie Double Indemnity the claims professional has many aspects to what they do every day. Amazing how so little and yet so much has changed since the 1940’s…

Study Shows Surgery Rate in CA Higher than WA…Financial Motivation?

Joe Paduda’s recent column discusses a recent study showing the significantly higher rates of back surgery (fusion) in CA than in WA, where the threshold is far higher than in CA before significant surgery can be approved under workers’ compensation.  We agree with the tone of the article, where there is financial motivation to do […]

Customer Feedback!

The claims industry can be challenging.  Needs and demands of stakeholders throughout the process can be so monumental that in certain circumstances the actual reason to have an adjuster, that being to lead and facilitate a claim from date of injury to resolution, can become cloudy.  From injured worker and their family to the employer […]