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Paduda on Private Equity Firms Entering the WC Space

We tend to agree with Joe Paduda, the number of Private Equity (“PE”) firms entering or at least studying the workers’ compensation industry is on the upswing.  The insurance industry had a similar ‘intrusion’ in the 1970’s when equity firms … Continued

NICB Announces Ten Most Stolen Vehicles in 2012

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (“NICB”) has released a report which summarizes stolen vehicle statistics nationwide.  The top ten stolen vehicles in 2012 were:   For 2012, the most-stolen vehicles in the nation were (total thefts in parentheses): 1. Honda … Continued

Narcotics dispensed by physicians are killing people

The WC industry has long pointed out this issue, which is at long last getting ‘main stream’ medical provider attention locally. We have seen so much injury and death following what appeared to have been in appropriate dispensing of narcotic … Continued

Back Pain Treatment Results Getting Worse

The following is from OMCA (Occupational Managed Care Alliance, Inc.) in a newsletter dated August 9, 2013.  Pressure upon physicians to “do something” from patients, as well as the ever-present risk of medical malpractice claims, seems to be moving many … Continued