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5 Workers Comp Cost Containment Techniques for 2013

5 Workers Comp Cost Containment Techniques for 2013 Midland Claims Service, Inc and Industrial Injury Claims® have worked with their self-insured organizational clients to promote these common sense techniques to first understand and then proactively address workers’ compensation claims costs. Understanding. Safety. Promotion of Health.  Good stuff. Aticle dated December 27, 2012 By Michael B. Stack   […]

FDA Voluntary Hydrocodone Product Recall – From myMatrixx

FDA Voluntary Product Recall – From myMatrixx Hydrocodone – APAP 10mg/500mg       Dear myMatrixx Clients, On December 20, 2012 a voluntary recall was issued for hydrocodone bitartrate and acetaminophen tablets 10 mg/ 500mg.  This recall follows a recall issued on both September 10, 2012 and December 6, 2012 for the same product.   […]

Fiscal Cliff May Lead to Higher WC Costs

With the fiscal cliff looming, Joe Paduda accurately points out that on a national basis, Medicare reimbursement rates are more than likely going to be restrained or significantly reduced.  As history has shown, where per encounter rates drop, utilization and other methods have been used to increase the amount of income per patient.  In this […]

Paduda about Rx dispensing in Florida

Joe Paduda is not pulling any punches today in his write up of the Florida association that supports physician dispensing of medication. The Florida Medical Association’s new tagline: Profits before Patients