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National WC Frequency Rates Up for first time in decades

The following is from an announcement from the National Council of Self-Insureds, and quotes highly respected national experts in workers’ compensation.  If this trend holds, combined with recent changes in U&T guidelines, payment rates and case law developments, Montana’s status as the most expensive jurisdiction in all of the United States will be assured for […]

MT WC OD Coverage Extended by Supreme Court

Montana’s Workers’ Compensation Court and the Supreme Court have further expanded coverage under MT”s workers’ compensation laws.  In Clarence Grande v Montana State Fund (DA 11-0492; Supreme Court 2012MT67), the courts have found that pre-existing illnesses and diseases may be covered under workers’ compensation OD if the leading cause of the “worsening” of the condition […]

Joe Paduda To Present Webinar

Narcotics in the workers’ compensation system has quickly become one of the highest priorities for many payers, providers and workers in the system.  Joe Paduda is one of the industry commentators leading the way in opening up the mystery and secrecy behind the over prescription and useage of narcotics.  Catch the webinar on March 28. […]

Montana’s Playing Field in WC is NOT Level

The playing field is not level in Montana for WC Insurers.  Montana State Fund pays no premium tax, (savings 3% – 6%), has immunity from punitive damages in any extra-contractual or third party bad faith claim, has no obligation to take any business from agents that have less than $300,000 in written WC premium (minimum […]

Author/Blogger Argues that Obesity Isn’t as Unhealthy as Inactivity

“Fitness in more important that fat.” Maggie Mahar argues a number of points that obesity alone is not solely responsible for increased disease and higher health care costs. Her point is that simple activity can go a long ways towards reducing illness and disease. Maggie Mahar is a notable health care policy blogger as well […]