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Physician Ranking Needed in Workers’ Compensation?

February 27, 2012 A recent article seems to support the processes used for medical insurance to rate physicians and medical providers for implementation in the workers’ compensation claims process.  Read the article here…

Article On Workplace Safety Features Mike Marsh

February 13, 2012 An article by Jacobus Hollewijn of Gesundheit! Nutrition Center and host of the radio talk show Gesundheit! With Jacobus published in Natural Life News following a 3 hour radio show in December 2012 featuring interviews of Gary … Continued

Opioids and Workers’ Compensation

“..workers prescribed even one opioid had average total claims costs 4 to 8 times greater than claimants with similar claims who didn’t get opioids.” This is a telling statistic.  One company is featured on Joe Paduda’s blog that has successfully … Continued

Prescription Drug Abuse Statistics

According to an article in Claims Journal – Winter 2012, quoting from a report issued by the National Institutes of Health (“NIH”), “of the 2.1 billion prescriptions the American Medical Association estimates are written annually, nearly 25 percent of those … Continued

Prescription Medications Killing

It has been recently published that prescription medications resulted in more deaths in 2010 than all illegal substances combined.  The problem is in all states, even in Montana.  A link to an article in the Billings Gazette about one situation: … Continued

National WC Coalition Merges with CLM

For Immediate Release February 3, 2012 National Workers’ Compensation Coalition Merges with CLM New York, NY — The Claims and Litigation Management (CLM) Alliance is pleased to announce that the National Workers’ Compensation Coalition (NWCC) is merging with the CLM. … Continued