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Reduction in Physician Reimbursement Rates

The Congress’ SuperCommittee to reduce the federal budget deficit is not looking like it will reach concensus, leading to possible implementation of a number of ‘penalties’, one of which is a 27% + reduction in physician reimbursement rates for medical care provided under Medicare and Medicaid.  One industry observer predicts significant cost shifting to private […]

Midland Claims Awarded Customer Service Excellence Award

    Midland Claims Service, Inc and Industrial Injury Claims has been awarded the Customer Service Excellence Award from the Billings Chamber of Commerce/CVB for the year 2011.  Read the Chamber’s announcement. The management and staff of the company is thrilled and humbled by the award.  For a company that specializes in the administration and […]

Montana Remains Nearly Twice the Rate of WC Incidents

Montana, in a recent study conducted by the Montana Dept of Labor and Industry, remains nearly twice the rate of WC incidents as the US.  The 2010 numbers of 5.0 / 100 workers has fallen slightly from 5.3 / 100. However, when compared to the falling national average of 3.6 / 100, it is no […]