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2011 Governor’s Conference on Worker’s Compensation

The 2011 Governor’s Conference on Workers’ Compensation, held this year in Helena, was excellent. A slate of informative and inspirational speakers across the full 3 days of the conference were heard by the more than 350 attendees. The annual meeting of the Montana Self-Insurers Association was held before the start of the conference, and was […]

Joe Paduda piece on MCSi/IIC

From respected industry commentator Joe Paduda, the following summarizes several areas that have long been the position of MCSi / IIC. These include Mr. Paduda’s comments on bill review, case loads, pricing (flat rate to the exclusion of income received by the upstream owner of the TPA is at best misleading, if not a full […]

Single Judge Worker’ Compensation System

Another number of years in a state with a single judge workers’ compensation system, one judge to decide all legal matters in WC. The judge is a political appointee of Governor Schweitzer (D) and worked as an attorney representing injured workers during a portion of his career before becoming the Montana WC judge. This topic […]