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2011 Governor’s Conference on Worker’s Compensation

The 2011 Governor’s Conference on Workers’ Compensation, held this year in Helena, was excellent. A slate of informative and inspirational speakers across the full 3 days of the conference were heard by the more than 350 attendees. The annual meeting … Continued

Joe Paduda piece on MCSi/IIC

From respected industry commentator Joe Paduda, the following summarizes several areas that have long been the position of MCSi / IIC. These include Mr. Paduda’s comments on bill review, case loads, pricing (flat rate to the exclusion of income received … Continued

Single Judge Worker’ Compensation System

Another number of years in a state with a single judge workers’ compensation system, one judge to decide all legal matters in WC. The judge is a political appointee of Governor Schweitzer (D) and worked as an attorney representing injured … Continued