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Issues workers’ compensation claims professionals face

An internet blog post which highlights some of the issues confronted on a daily basis by workers’ compensation claims professionals. The adjusters are truly one of the keys to a successful workers’ compensation program, insured or self-insured. Read more….

Illinois’ implemenation of AMA 6th Edition Guide

Illinois is the most recent state to begin the process of implementation of the AMA 6th Edition Guide for workers’ compensation impairment determination. Montana has been using the 6th edition for several years. Read Joe Paduda’s blog about Illinois…

Workers’ compensation costs and obesity

Workers’ compensation claims costs for obese workers are estimated to cost 3 times as much as claims made by recommended-weight workers in the first year of the claim, claims open 36 months the medical component is more than 4 times more costly. Nearly 10% of all US medical costs attributed to obesity in 2006. (sources […]