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Review of Montana’s workers’ compensation revamp

NCCI has priced out the potential impact of HB334, passed in the 2011 MT Legislative Session, a sweeping revamping of Montana’s workers’ compensation system. Opinions vary greatly over the possible ‘savings’ that will result. Evidently NCCI and Montana State Fund are falling on the optimistic side. The Board of Montana State Fund has announced a […]

Prescription drug use and workers’ compensation

Prescription drug use, according to a recent article, is responsible for the death of 18,000 people in the US per year. Overuse and incorrect prescribing of ultra-strong drugs in the workers’ compensation claims area is a very real danger to the injured workers themselves. In Montana, prescription drugs contribute to more than 300 deaths per […]

Workers’ Compensation Reform in Montana

Workers’ Compensation Reform in Montana. What has been called the most sweeping workers’ compensation reform in the US in decades has passed through the Montana legislature and becomes law. Montana has the distinction of being the most expensive premium state for workers’ compensation in the United States, and hold the second position for the most […]